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Specialist counselling in:

- obstetrics & gynaecology
- endocrinology
- andrology
- nutrition


Integrated Programme for High-Risk, Complicated Pregnancy:

  • medical conditions of pregnant mother: diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, obesity and the metabolic syndrome, as well as rare, gestation-related conditions of pregnant women, including those with underlying immunological defects;
  • foetal diseases: toxoplasmosis, cytomegaly and Rother infections with detailed interpretation of laboratory tests, hypotrophy, foetal malformations, among others, diaphragmatocele – their complex diagnostics and treatment, also by means of invasive techniques;
  • pathology of multiple pregnancy, including monochorionic pregnancy - the foeto-foetal transfusion syndrome (TTTS) and dichorionic pregnancy - intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR);
  • abnormalities in the course of pregnancy, among others, habitual abortions, pathology of early pregnancy, threat of premature delivery;

Offered Service Package:

  • full scope of laboratory tests, including: panel tests for the presence of antibodies in infections of pregnant women  (IgG, IgM, IgA, avidity of IgG), examinations, involving techniques of molecular biology (PCR, qPCR), also tests for genetic  predispositions of selected diseases, as well as for infertility and habitual abortions, microbiological cultures, including micogram and antibiogram, culture for GBS;
  • procedures, including: amniopuncture with amniotic fluid evaluation, among others, for foetal karyotype assessment and in toxoplasmosis and cytomegaly;
  • foetal well-being assessment in single and multiple pregnancy: cardiotocography (CTG) and Doppler flow assessment in the materno-placento-foetal circulation;
  • Non invasive Foetal Trisomy Test  (NIFTY);
  • Kryosurgery; 


Ultrasound pregnancy scanning: 

•  ultrasound of the 1st trimester
•  „genetic” ultrasound scan and the PAPPA test with aneuploidy test assessment – FMF certification;
•  ultrasound of the 2nd trimester, including, the, so-called, „anomaly scan” and „genetic counselling”;
•  2D, 3D, 4D ultrasound
•  gynaecological ultrasound

Our ultrasound equipment included a VOLUSON E6 system, purchased in 2012.

The latest publication on cytomegaly
In June of 2014, the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases published a report on cytomegaly in pregnant women.
Colposcopy to be soon provided at NZOZ PREGMED
A diagnostic examination, identifying – among others – preclinical forms of uterine cervix malignancies, collection of targeted specimens, definition of surgery scope on the uterine cervix, the vagina or the vulva and evaluation of obtained ef
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