Amniopuncture, i.e., US-guided collection of amniotic fluid during pregnancy.


At the PREGMED Clinic, amniotic fluid may be collected for evaluation of:

  • foetus karyotype
  • the presence of T.gondii DNA in toxoplasmosis during pregnancy
  • the presence of DNA HCMV in cytomegaly during pregnancy


We guarantee:

  • high procedural experience of our professionals
  • high quality equipment
  • minimal risk of procedure-related complications

Amniopuncture in hands of experienced professional is a safe and painless procedure.


Additionally, we offer interpretation of results after amniotic fluid analysis. In case of suspected:

  • selected genetic malformations;
  • infections in pregnancy, especially toxoplasmosis, cytomegaly and other


We are specialised in risk evaluation of maternal and foetal infections.


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Fot.1.: Amniopuncture.

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